Your imagination is the preview of your life's coming attractions.

Imagination- rock with Imagine imprint

“Your imagination is the preview of your life’s coming attractions.” – Mike Daniel, Stone Ministries

Do you believe you can create or change situations in your life through your imagination? Of course you can. You did it as a kid.

Kids are encouraged to dream

Kids are encouraged to dream and to think creatively. As an adult we don’t get a lot of that coaxing- to dream, to imagine. Porn is very much a world of the imagination, because it takes a man into a make-believe world where he becomes king, in control of his sexual kingdom. You create your ideal sexual situation, far removed from your wife and family.

The experience of using porn is so seductive not only for obvious reasons but because can see ourselves using our creativity and imagination which would normally be a good thing- but not here.

What if you used that time to create a better marriage- more time with your wife or kids who would love to spend more time with you? Sometimes they long for it. But you’re too busy meeting your own needs in your own little world.

Understand every moment you sit in front of porn is a minute away from those you love, away from your responsiblity. In those moments, you are altering and creating a future that is against God’s will; and could lead you away from your family permanently.

Back in the hole again

Our imagination can lead us off a cliff, or into a giant sinkhole

It’s next to impossible to manage pornography, because it’s a habit that overpowers and overcomes. And it’s so easy to fall back into the abyss of porn addiction when you’re trying to break free from it. Here is one man sharing his road to victory.


Men are not prisoners of Fate, but only prisoners of their own minds. -Franklin Roosevelt

A strong passion for any object will ensure success. -Henry Hazlitt

Use your imagination for something different

You get what you pay for- what you play for. Consider how much better your life and wife might be if you put that energy elsewhere.

You get what you pay for. Consider how much better your life and wife might be if you put that energy elsewhere.


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